Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Socks 101

Today is the first day of the New Year. Coincidentally, I completed my sock project late last night.
My husband was sifting through his old newspapers and T was noisily playing with his Matchbox cars. "SNL in the '90s" was on the television and periodically my husband and I would turn our attention to Chris Farley's or Will Ferrell's antics and laugh uproariously.
I arrived at the final stretch -- the kitchener stitch. Naturally, T chose that moment to jump on me, miming knitting with two green Tinker Toys: "Hey, I'm an old gramma! I'm knitting!"
That was funnier than the TV show.
I managed to finish the sock without fanfare, although a pair that takes three months to knit really deserves at least fireworks.
11 1/2 inches from heel to toe: they were a Christmas gift for my husband; only a week late.
I told him to make sure his toenails were clipped.
He pulled off his thread-bare oatmeal-colored woolen socks and pulled the new ones on.
They fit perfectly.
I was elated.
He took them off without a word and pulled back on his wool socks, saying, "What are they made of? They aren't as warm as these socks."
So much for fanfare.
Still, I can revel in the fact today that I completed the world's longest sock project at the crest of the New Year.
Today it's corn fiber and nylon Maizy yarn in Sailor Blue. This next pair is for T, who will surely wear the heck out of them.
Happy New Year.

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Bill Maune said...

My family had a summer get together a few years ago and everyone teased me about how outdated my "thigh high" socks were.

Since then I have received dozens of socks every Christmas and birthday. My family nickname is now "Socks Bill"

Cassandra, I have never used blogs before, so hopefully I will learn more skills at it!