Friday, January 11, 2008

The dreaded phone call

Every mother who works outside the home knows that sinking feeling. The phone on your desk at work rings and the voice on the other end say "Hi Mrs. X, this is the nurse at xyz school. Your child is in my office sick."

And then the mad scramble ensues. Which parent can rearrange their schedule to miss the remainder of the day at work (and of course the following day as well) and get to the school the quickest to pick up the child.

I got that phone call yesterday. Nikki had thrown up at school and was running a little fever. This time it was easy. My husband is off on Thursdays, so he could pick her up. And we're extremely fortunate in that we have a wide variety of hours we can work in the newspaper business so often accomondating a sick child is as easy as coming in extra early and leaving extra early so that the other parent can go into their job.

We're also blessed to have my parents living near by and they are often willing to give us a helping hand when we need it.

So my husband picked her up from school and once they got home he took her temp again. There was no fever. And she never showed any other sign of illness last night or all day today.

The mysteries of being four.

Nikki and my husband enjoyed their "sick day" this morning, after all memories are sometimes best created while in pajamas.

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