Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hip-Hop Habit

Just bought the pattern to make Ann Budd's Hip Hop Coat from the Interweave website.
I already have the size 13 circular needles, but alas, the yarn is no longer sold. Soooo.... I know!! Wanna be her! Gotta have it!! I went to Webs and found Debbie Bliss' Como yarn (90 percent merino wool and 10 percent cashmere) in a firey orange color, ON SALE, for $4.99 per skein. DON'T you buy it BEFORE I do!
It's originally $8.95, which means buying it at full price would preclude me from making this sweater/coat because I need (get ready) 28 balls to feed my habit.

Cardinals Catch Fiber Fever

Get your needles ready! Check out this Wesleyan Argus story about the knitting club up at Wesleyan University:

Graffiti, Philosophy, and Yarn: Club Finds Knit(che) on Campus
"Creating Out of Chaos plans to devote time in the spring to art installations and yarn bombing."
"Yarn bombing, which has been called the least offensive form of graffiti by some, uses decorative displays of vibrant knitting and crochet to adorn public spaces."
No branch should have to shiver this winter.
Start knitting your tree turtlenecks now.