Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby weight goes away

I subscribe to the nine months up, nine months down theory to losing baby weight. In other words it takes you nine months to put on the weight, so you should give yourself at least nine months to take it off.

I also happen to be lucky -- I lose the bulk of the baby weight rather quickly after giving birth. With both of my pregnancies I put on the suggested 25 to 35 pounds and with both I lost the first 15-20 pounds by the time I returned to work from my six-weeks of maternity leave.

Unfortunately after my daughter that was all the weight I lost. So during my pregnancy with my son the scale was pushing 200 pounds at the

Talk about an ego bruiser.

I made a resolution to myself at that point that not only was the weight from James coming off, but so was that 10 pounds from Nikki.

James is now 6.5 months and according to the scale at my parents house - I've officially lost the weight I put on while pregnant with him. So now it's onto that infamous last ten pounds.

Learning that I lost the weight set me to thinking about why it was easier this time than it was with Nikki. A couple of things occured to me.

First, I'm still breastfeeding. With Nikki because of medical complications I had to stop at 6 weeks.

Second, when the newspaper's offices moved from our corner on Main and Union to the Main Street Market building the vending machines didn't come with us. Now if I want something to drink (and don't want to leave the office), water is my only option. The only snacks easily available are those I pack. There's no chocolate calling my name from a few feet away.

That doesn't mean the building doesn't have temptations -- on the first floor is a fantastic bakery (I allow myself one indulgence a week), a restuarant and a grocery store. Granted the last two contain some pretty healthy options, but it's always possible to overeat.

Third, there's four flights of stairs to climb. I'm trying to walk it at least once a day (my New Year's resolution).

How are you doing on you New Year's resolutions?

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