Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rosy ribs

I've begun work on a new project, a Rib-Knitted Mini Dress With Wide Straps.
You can find the pattern here:

Ever since I saw Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Sherrybaby," I've been obsessed with knitting airy cotton tanks, so I happened upon this pattern designed by Hajnalka Lovrekovich. The dusty pink is lovely to look at, but I chose to go with Peaches & Creme double worsted weight cotton yarn in tea rose, which is curiously nowhere near the pink hue its name implies, but rather an electric orange.

I purchased it online. I've just come to the end of one 2.5 oz. skein, well into knitting the 31 inches that constitutes the body of the dress.
I only wish I could knit faster! When you see something luscious online, you want it then; but it takes a while to finish a pattern. I can't even imagine how many hours young women in earlier times sat, rocked and knit every day.
The solution? Much like my time in graduate school where five or six books were required reading per week, you spend every waking moment reading ... while making dinner, at family dinners, in the car (as a passenger!) -- so it is with knitting.
I got some kooky comments from my mother and sister during my sister-in-law's recent baby shower as I knitted a wool purse during the "present opening" portion of the event. They thought I was being strange, and in other circumstances it would have been rude not to help out, except for the fact I had fallen up the stairs the evening before and badly hurt the side of my foot.
There it is! Knitting's boon is the infirm knitter! I'm recovering from salmonella poisoning now -- a form of food poisoning more common than you think -- and as is my lot, I ended up hospitalized for an acute case and despite the queries of every person I've told of my ordeal since, I have no idea how I contracted it.
So here I am ... recovering, a state I often wished for (stupidly) to allow my frantic life some pause, with all the time in the world to knit.
And if you've made your way through this entry, you'll see I've all the time in the world to blog as well.
Happy knitting.