Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey do

There are constant games of this going on in my house. One child immitating the other (or more likely trying to play with the same toy as the other).

But it's funny how it happens. It isn't always the little one trying to immitate the older one. Often Nikki will jump in right along side James to play with him (or take the toy away from him).

The other night I got this photo:

Originally taken with the thought of e-mailing it off to the grandparents so they can see one of James' current favorite activities. Little man like to be standing.

Once Nikki saw me taking pictures of her brother she walked right over and stood the same way he was.

Kids just crack me up sometimes.

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MOM said...

Grandparents would like to get a copy of the picture. We like to show off what the kids can do, too.