Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beaten by a hat

There was a lot of knitting done for Christmas this year: felted slippers for mom, socks for my mother in law, several scarfs, a couple of hats, a shawl, two sweaters for little girls and a sweater vest for my grandma.

And then there was the project that made me want to curl up and cry -- The hat for my grandfather.

A wonderful beret that was perfect for him. Pop loves his tams and berets, and when I saw that pattern I knew I had a winner.

Or I would have if only I could get the right gauge for the brim. I'm about to rip it out and try it again for the third time.

Christmas Eve, Pop got his package to open -- a partially knit beret because I just had a feeling that it was still going to be too small, after going up a needle size once already. Had I finished it -- the not fitting part probably would have reduced me to a sobbing mess. Sure enough as I tried it on him the brim didn't stretch quite far enough.

Currently the hat is back in my work basket serving a time out while I do a couple of quick baby projects that I need for my sister-in-laws shower at the end of January. Somehow the charm of dusty rose merino wool sprinkled with crystal beads makes everything right in the world.

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