Friday, April 18, 2008

like mother, like daughter

When James was first born we would let Nikki hold him if she had the Boppy pillow across her lap. It got to the point that when she wanted to hold him she would go get the Boppy, pull it over her lap and hold out her arms.

Since James started sitting, we haven't made her do that. So it was funny tonight when Nikki climbed into the recliner with the Boppy and held out her arms. I shrugged, continued the conversation I was having on the phone with my husband, and placed James across her lap.

When she proceeded to lift her shirt as if to nurse him I burst out laughing.

I replaced James with one of her baby dolls and told her that only Mommy could feed James.

Nikki shrugged and then nursed her baby.

I love my kid.

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