Thursday, April 3, 2008

giving mom some grey hair

So Nikki has allergies and asthma and this time of year it's not uncommon for them to both be in full gear. But last night was a strange cosmic event.

She went to bed fever-free and just a bit sniffly. An hour and a half later she woke up with a 104.4 degree fever and coughing so hard she was spitting up. (Do other mothers try to catch bodily fluids as they exit their kids? What is it about becoming a mom that makes catching throw up suddenly seems like a normal and good thing?).

Because there was a bit of blood involved I called the pediatrician and soon we were off to Middlesex Hospital. But before leaving our house there were two hastily placed calls. The first to my husband at work asking if there was anyway he could leave early and the second to my parents letting them know I was dropping off a sleeping baby. (And a big thank you to Angelina, Matt and Ryan for covering last night so I didn't have to do the ER drill by myself - I owe you all chocolate this weekend).

So Nikki was poked and prodded. Pneumonia - nope, her chest x-ray was clear; ear infection - negative; strep - negative; flu - negative. End result it appears she has a respiratory virus, which severely aggravated her asthma.

When she woke this morning I expected a feverish child who would want hugs and cuddles all day. Negative to that as well. No fever, and when I last checked in at home, she was happily playing away, albeit still a bit sniffly. But really can someone explain how a child can go from no fever to 104.4 back to no fever in less than 12 hours?

As for me, I'm blaming the new grey hair I found in the bathroom mirror on Nikki.

As an aside - the new emergency room at Middlesex Hospital is quite nice. Way bigger than what I remember the old space being. I hope most of you don't ever have to go visit it, but if you do it's definately looks to be first class.

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