Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The perfect Christmas present

On Sunday we did Christmas with my inlaws. At one point as the afternoon became the evening -- the presents had been opened and we were enjoying some of Nana's pies -- my husband was sitting with Nikki at the table and was entertaining the family with "party tricks."

He asked Nikki if she wanted to do her ABCs - with the intention of having her repeat them letter by letter after he said them. She had other plans.

After nodding yes and Nikki immediately started saying and signing the ABCs.

Nothing remarkable for the majority of 4-year-olds but for Nikki it was a moment that almost had me crying into my banana cream pie.

Mothers are always proud of their children's accomplishments, but I was about bursting as I sat at that table. One of the best lessons Nikki has taught me is that the ordinary very often can become extraordinary when it requires lots of patience and hard work.

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