Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where does the time go?

Exactly one year ago we were on baby watch -- that time in the pregnancy where the doctors start making comments about induction if you don't go into labor soon. It's hard to believe, but next Tuesday James will celebrate his first birthday.

The first year of a child's life is wonderous -- it is amazing how they grow from itty bitty things that can do nearly nothing to little beings in 12 months time.

James is at the "little being" stage. He's walking, talking, signing, fighting with his sister (OK so usually she's snatching toys out of his hands) and chasing her around the living room. He's often a serious little bugger -- my aunt calls him the little professor, but when he smiles he lights up and there is nothing quite like the sound of his giggle when you blow a raspberry in just the right spot on his belly.

He gets excited when the Elmo's World theme song begins to play on Sesame Street. When he wants to nurse, he'll go find his Boppy pillow (often hidden somewhere by Nikki) and carry it over to me -- and everytime I settle him in my lap there's the sweetest little contented sigh.

He's a bit of a momma's boy, but lately when my husband gets home from work, James has decided he's had enough of me and is all too happy to perch in Daddy's lap and have books read to him or play "ball" with Nikki. So he's growing and stretching beyond me.

And that growing and stretching will continue for years. Old boundries will be tested and new ones made. There will be fights over rules and curfews, but for now I'm going to enjoy feeling that comes when two little arms wrap around my neck as his small head snuggles into the spot on my shoulder made just for that purpose.

Bliss is being the mother of a child who's one.

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