Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Knitters Try Spyn

Here's an amazing story out of the UC Berkeley School of Information that unites new technology with the ages-old technique of knitting and sharing stories in the award-winning Spyn project created by students Daniela Rosner and Kimiko Ryokai.

From the link below:
"The Spyn project investigates how digital tools affect the creation, transfer, and continued use of everyday personal objects. We are currently studying people's use of Spyn during the creation and exchange of handmade objects. When a person gives a handmade object, the object may not simply be valued for its utility, but also for its affective and communicative potential. By studying people's digital augmentation of handmade objects we can investigate how digital interactions affect people's relationships with the craft practitioner as well as with the process and products of creative work."

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