Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shorti Cardi

I have been working on a cropped cardigan pattern, The Spunky Eclectic Shorti Cardi, ever since I found it while browsing for simple yet beautiful sweaters online.

I think the color is what arrested me: it's a lovely shade of olive green.
While visiting Stitches 2009 two weeks ago, I bought a bag (10 skeins) of Di.Ve' Zenith in Cornflower Blue.

It is washable merino wool and knits up so easily; knitting with it is like manipulating a softer version of cotton. I'm just about finished with the second sleeve and will soon start the body from the bottom up.
I'm debating whether I should make the body longer because cropped cardigans are difficult to wear for busty women like me.

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