Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love that wallaby

Last week on the phone, I lamented to my knitting friend how I never seem to finish my projects in enough time to wear them - before the season changes. She suggested I start to knit for the opposite weather conditions - wool in the summer, cotton in the winter.
I weighed whether the uncomfortableness of knitting wool in spring/summer would win over the pleasure of working with Farmhouse Yarn Andy's Merino, which is hand-dyed and American grown.
Out came my 8 skeins of salmon.

Already, I've knit nearly 9 inches of Cottage Creations' Wonderful Wallaby in adult size large. I'm alternating two balls of the salmon because my stash has such varying colors. There's no such thing as dye lot for Farmhouse Yarns.
It's called a wallaby because of the amazing pouch you knit halfway through.

I used size 6 needles for the ribbing at the waist, and size 9 for the body. The only thing that keeps getting me messed up (and means lots of frogging until I stop doing it) is that when I come to the beginning of the round, I often pick up the wrong yarn, which will give me a strange round count.
Other than that, I'm just happily hopping along on this project.

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