Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Allergic to Baby Sweaters

I enjoyed knitting the Inca-Dincadoo Organic Cotton Baby Cardigan so much in ecru that I started another in marigold — a vibrant yellow. I used the same Farmhouse Yarns I Am Allergic to Wool, 85 percent cotton, 15 percent rayon, hand-dyed, and omitted the buttons this time. I’d like to say this was a design choice, but I realized late last night after work that I had forgotten to make the five buttonholes (whoops!). No matter, my fingers said, calmly. Just keeeeep knitting. No one will know.
I’m nearly done now, just 10 more rows and then the side and sleeve seams have to be sewn up.

Stop the presses! I just read the last line in the directions and it says, “with RS facing and beginning at lower right front edge, work slip stitch crochet around entire front edge.”
Oops! Didn’t do that the first time. That’s what the crochet hook size I/9 is for.
Thank goodness this isn’t a recipe or anything irreparable.
Think what I’ll do is visit Sit and Knit tomorrow and buy some little kid buttons anyway to jazz it up.
After I dig out that crochet hook, that is.
For information on the yarn, see; Connecticut Yarn & Wool Co., 85 Bridge Road, Haddam; (860) 345-9300,

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